Survive the Snack-Attack & Stay Sane!

Snacks are serious sanity savers. I almost never leave my house without stashing some sort of goodie in my bag… and it never fails – if I don’t have something on hand, things get ugly fast when “hanger” hits.

Luckily, for most of us privileged first world residents, healthy options are always available – and in some cases, we just need to plan ahead a little, or at least know where to look for the best grab-n-go options.

Most snacks in the conventional sense of the word are overly-processed, packaged… well, I’ll just say it… crap. The “SAD” (Standard American Diet) way of snacking is no way to feed your body, and being too busy or having no time to cook or sit down for a proper meal is really no excuse these days. You do have options! So let’s get into some…

The ideal choices are always fresh, whole foods – because they’re typically more easily digested, and water & nutrient rich, like:

  • Fruit (preferably local, seasonal)
  • Veggies (preferably local, seasonal)
  • Slices of organic deli meat
  • Homemade plantain chips
  • Homemade kale chips
  • Homemade granola (get my recipe here!)
  • Leftovers (most are safe to be stashed for at least a couple of hours)

Next in line are some convenient, high-quality foods I use myself & recommend to my clients, like:

  • Epic Bars & Bites
  • raw nuts (organic or sprouted are best)
  • kombucha (Synergy Gingerade & Multi-Greens are low sugar & widely available)
  • Artisana Organic Squeeze Packs or Yumbutter Organic Superfood Pouches
  • Jackson’s Honest Chips
  • Kale Crunch
  • Aketta Roasted Crickets (don’t knock ’em til you’ve tried ’em!)
  • Rx Bars
  • Steve’s PaleoCracklings

You can find most of these in the snacks section of my Amazon store or using my affiliate links above. I also like to stock up online at Thrive Market, and never have trouble filling my virtual cart with all kinds of healthy, yummy snacks (along with my everyday kitchen, beauty & household staples).

The NTP in me has to touch on one caveat to all of this: a healthy, fat burning metabolism can go hours in between meals. In our current society of sugar-laden & processed food diets, most people find themselves reaching for any fast-burning fuel or caffeine to power thru their day… and riding the disastrous blood sugar roller coaster.

If you’re ready to take your fat burning potential – and energy – to the next level, while learning how to nourish your body & naturally fuel your everyday life, book your free consult & get started today.

In the meantime, download my free “Smoothie Smarts” cheat sheet & learn how you can enjoy a delicious, naturally sweet smoothie anytime of day – and stay balanced & energized by avoiding those nasty blood sugar highs & lows!

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