Make Your Lunch Break Work for You

Your designated lunch break is an incredibly valuable part of your work day, and yet, you’re probably not making the most of it. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour long, it IS possible to maximize that time to your benefit – instead of piddling it away in front of the computer, in your phone, or worse, skipping it all together.Read on for some seriously smart strategies to make that time work for you!

1. Brown bag it.
Pack leftovers for an easy, economical meal. Make extra food when you cook dinner the night before & simply portion leftovers into glass containers that you can take with you the next day.

Or get creative with these simple suggestions…

A bountiful bowl – combine a base of something like rice or quinoa (preferably sprouted), top it with a protein like grilled chicken or beans (for a vegetarian option, soaked & sprouted), then pile on all the veggies, and finish with a sprinkling of raw nuts & seeds (again, sprouted is best), and a drizzle of olive oil & raw apple cider vinegar or squeeze of lemon.

A green wrap – using collard green leaves as the wrap, stuffed with hummus, tomato, cucumbers, red cabbage & avocado; use coconut aminos or a quality dressing (with no veg oils or added sugars) to dip.

2. Eat out intelligently.
Download the free HealthyOut app – a healthy restaurant nutrition guide app that helps you find healthy meals from local restaurants in the area.

3. Don’t weigh yourself down.
Heavy meals can make you feel sluggish. Instead, focus on veggies with healthy fats & proteins.

Our metabolism was designed to be fueled by fats, primarily. Glucose is & always was supposed to be used for quick-burning fuel. Most of us are running around fueled by glucose in the form of processed foods, starchy carbs & fruits.

Fat is fuel… and carbs can be killers when it comes to productivity & focus. If your insulin levels are unstable, your energy levels will fluctuate; and you’ll also have a hard time managing your weight.

4. Make it a point to move.
One of the best things you can do in your day is move. And your lunch break is a great opportunity to get in at least a few extra steps – ideally, outside. Plus, you’ll feel more energized & focused to power thru the rest of your day.

Combine errands with brisk walking. If your office is close enough that you don’t need to drive, head to the drug store or bank on foot for some stress-busting movement. And who knows, walking to your lunch spot might influence you to make a healthier choice when you order.

5. Take it up a notch.
Fit in some fitness or work on your mobility. Scour the world wide web or any social media feed, and find a simple, bodyweight routine you can do anywhere. Or just spend 5-10 minutes giving your joints, muscles & tendons a little love with mobility moves for your hips, back & upper body. Stash a foam roller & a lacrosse ball under your desk – and check out YouTube for some inspiration.

6. Or, take it down a notch.
A power nap can leave you refreshed and less tense. Escape to your car for a quick snooze or find an empty office where you can catch a few Zs.

If you’re ready to make the most of everyday, by learning how to nourish your body & fuel your life, book your free consult & get started today.

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